Enhance your Home Design
with evocative lighting solutions

enhance your home design with evocative lighting solutions​

Architectural Lighting Solutions

Lighting is one of the most powerful elements in setting the atmosphere of your home. It’s essential that the lighting solution is the right one. Nobody wants a palace that looks like a dungeon (or a supermarket).

These technologies include Lighting, Electric Blind and Awning Control, Heating and Air Conditioning, Alarm, Access Control, Security Cameras and Audio Visual Systems.

Finding the best for you

Hills Electrical strives to give every room in every home the lighting effect that works best, based on the room’s aspect, its function and its design.

We have contacts with a number of leading lighting suppliers and we can work with you to design a complete lighting solution for your whole project.


“ When you build a home, carefule decisions have to be made about electrical and communication wiring. What is needed is not always obvious, but you do eventually discover what you could or should have had after you move in, and then it is an expensive process to rectify.

The Hills team quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and then applied their own experience and expertise in an impressive value added process to provide us with thought provoking options from which to choose. They made the whole process interesting and efficient, from design stage to commissioning.

We now have a new electrical and communication installation which is making our daily life more enjoyable, with no regrets.

Tony Iannuzzelli, Pymble

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