It’s your project: tell us what you want
and we’ll make it happen

it’s your project: tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen​

Design & Construct Solutions

Our in-depth questionnaire, complete with suggestions, photos and videos, captures a comprehensive understanding of your desired project outcomes.

Based on your answers and our experience we provide a detailed provisional plan using the floor plans you have provided. We will then send a quote before arranging a time to meet and run through the finer but most important details.

We make any changes to the plan discussed at our design meeting and make small adjustments to our quote ready for the project to begin.

When you build a house careful decisions have to be made about electrical and communication wiring. What is needed is not always obvious but you do eventually discover what you could or should have had, after you have moved in, and then its an expensive  process to rectify. 

The Hills Team  quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and then applied their own experience and expertise in an impressive value added process to provide us with thought provoking options from which to choose.  

They made the  whole process interesting and efficient, from design stage to commissioning. We now have a new electrical and communications installation which his making our daily life more enjoyable, with no regrets. 

Tony Iannuzzelli – Pymble

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